Risk Managers


Uptick's PRISM solution is an invaluable resource for risk managers, offering a comprehensive suite of tools and analytics designed to facilitate the identification, assessment, and mitigation of risks in digital asset portfolios. PRISM enables risk managers to effectively manage and optimize their portfolios, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and safeguarding investments.

Use Cases

| Portfolio Risk Assessment

Leverage PRISM's suite of tools to assess portfolio risk through various metrics, such as VaR, CVaR, and drawdown, enabling risk managers to make informed decisions about portfolio allocation and risk mitigation strategies.

| Scenario and Stress Testing

Conduct scenario and stress tests to evaluate portfolio performance under various market conditions, such as exchange hacks, sudden drops in market or Bitcoin price, or other extreme events, to ensure the portfolio is resilient and well-prepared.

| Factor Models

Utilize PRISM's factor models to identify and manage sources of systematic risk in the portfolio, enabling risk managers to implement strategies that minimize exposure to these factors and maximize returns.

| Risk Monitoring

Set up customizable alerts based on risk metrics and other parameters to proactively monitor and manage portfolio risks, ensuring quick action and decision-making in response to changing market conditions.

| Portfolio Optimization

Apply PRISM's optimization tools to minimize risk while maximizing returns, ensuring a well-diversified and efficient portfolio that adheres to the risk tolerance guidelines set by the investment management strategy and compliance.

| Portfolio Construction

Utilize PRISM's advanced algorithms to create a robust and diversified portfolio, taking into consideration various risk metrics, investment objectives, and constraints, to deliver a tailored investment solution.


PRISM's comprehensive risk management capabilities empower risk managers to safeguard their investment portfolios against potential risks and market volatility. By utilizing PRISM's advanced tools and analytics, risk managers can make informed decisions, optimize their portfolios, and drive the success of their investment management firm.

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