Alerts & Monitoring

Stay close to market action with automated alerts on technical breakouts, price changes, and social media activity. Get real-time notifications tailored to your portfolio across web, mobile, and desktop platforms.

Application Overview

PRISM's Alerts and Monitoring application is designed to help users stay in sync with the rapidly changing digital asset markets. By providing automated alerts on technical indicator changes, social media sentiment, coin mentions, and price movements, users can stay informed about market dynamics without the need to manually monitor every development. The alerts are available on web, mobile, and desktop/Mac platforms, ensuring that users have access to critical information whenever and wherever they need it.

Application Features

| Comprehensive Alert Categories

Users can access alerts on various categories such as technical indicator changes (crossovers, Bollinger, stochastic, etc.), social media sentiment and coin mentions, and price movements (52-week high/low), ensuring they have the information needed to make informed decisions.

| Customizable Compliance Alerts

Users can customize the alerts they receive based on their portfolio and watchlist, ensuring that they only receive relevant and actionable notifications. This allows for better prioritization and more focused decision-making.

| Cross-Platform Availability

Track your portfolio's performance in real-time, utilizing a comprehensive sThe alerts are available on web, mobile, and desktop/Mac platforms, allowing users to stay updated on market developments, regardless of their preferred device. This ensures that critical information is always accessible, even on the go.

| Intuitive Interface

The application features a user-friendly interface with a top panel displaying the most alerted coins and quick filters for BTC and ETH, a center section for filtering alert categories and signal types, and a bottom panel displaying the currency list with technical indicators.

| Real-Time Notifications

PRISM's Alerts and Monitoring application offers real-time notifications, ensuring that users are always informed about the latest market developments. This allows them to act promptly, capitalizing on opportunities and managing risks effectively.

| Portfolio Relevant Notifications

The Alerts and Monitoring application can be tailored to generate notifications specifically relevant to the user's portfolio. By focusing on the digital assets in the user's portfolio, the system helps users stay informed about the market events that directly impact their investments, ensuring that they can respond promptly to changes in the market and optimize their portfolio performance.

Usage Examples

A risk manager at a digital asset management firm wants to monitor their portfolio for sudden spikes in volatility or significant price movements. They set up customizable alerts in PRISM's Alerts and Monitoring application to receive real-time notifications whenever such events occur. This enables the risk manager to take appropriate actions to hedge risks and protect the portfolio's value.

A quantitative analyst wants to study the impact of social media sentiment on the digital asset market. They use PRISM's Alerts and Monitoring application to receive alerts on social media sentiment changes and coin mentions. By analyzing these alerts, the analyst can identify potential correlations between social media activity and price movements, which can inform their trading algorithms and strategies.

An investor receives a notification that the 20-day moving average for one of their portfolio assets, Chainlink (LINK), has crossed above the 50-day moving average. This bullish signal might prompt the investor to re-evaluate their position in LINK or allocate more funds to take advantage of the potential uptrend.

How-to Guide

  1. Portfolio Adjustments Act on the alerts by adjusting your investment strategies or rebalancing your portfolio to capitalize on opportunities and manage risk effectively.

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