Gain/Loss Tracker

Monitor your portfolio performance, risk metrics, news, and social sentiment for informed investment decisions. Simulate portfolios by adding assets, compare with optimized and benchmark portfolios, and view multiple portfolios at once.

Application Overview

PRISM's Gain/Loss Tracker is a comprehensive application designed to help users monitor their portfolio performance, risk metrics, and gain insights into their investments. With a range of features such as customizable risk metrics, performance indicators, multiple portfolio management, and an intuitive interface, Gain/Loss Tracker empowers users to make informed decisions about their investment strategies and manage risk more effectively.

Application Features

| Comprehensive Portfolio Monitoring

Gain/Loss Tracker allows you to track gain/loss, changes, news, Twitter, and Reddit sentiment for each position in your portfolio, providing a holistic view of your investments. This comprehensive monitoring enables you to stay informed about the performance of your assets and make timely decisions.

| Risk Metrics Assessment

Access key risk metrics such as Sharpe Ratio, Sortino Ratio, Maximum Drawdown, CVaR, Beta, and Volatility to evaluate the risk profile of your portfolio. Understanding these metrics helps you to manage risk more effectively and make informed decisions on your investments.

| Performance Indicators

Gain insights into your portfolio's overall performance with return metrics. Compare these metrics with an optimized portfolio and a benchmark portfolio to gauge your portfolio's effectiveness in achieving your investment objectives.

| Multiple Portfolio Management

View and manage multiple portfolios within the Gain/Loss Tracker application, allowing you to efficiently monitor and evaluate the performance of different investment strategies and asset allocations across various accounts.

| Portfolio Simulation

Experiment with different asset allocations by adding or adjusting assets within your portfolio to assess the potential impact on performance and risk. This feature helps you make informed decisions on rebalancing and adjusting your asset allocation, reducing the likelihood of unexpected outcomes.

| Intuitive Interface

Gain/Loss Tracker's user-friendly design features a historical chart with daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and all-time changes, a tabular output for individual assets, and a summary of risk metrics and portfolio performance. The intuitive interface ensures that you can quickly access the information you need to make informed decisions about your portfolio.

Usage Examples

By using PRISM's Gain/Loss Tracker, the portfolio manager can proactively manage risks and continuously optimize their client's portfolio to ensure the best possible risk-adjusted returns, even during periods of market uncertainty.

During a period of market turbulence, the portfolio manager notices that one of their client's portfolios is experiencing higher volatility and underperformance compared to the benchmark. The manager decides to dig deeper into the risk metrics and finds that the portfolio's Beta and CVaR are significantly higher than the benchmark, indicating higher systematic risk and potential losses during market downturns.

The portfolio simulation feature allows user to explore different asset allocations that could potentially reduce the portfolio's risk exposure while maintaining or improving expected returns. Users can test various scenarios by adjusting the weights of the current assets, as well as adding new, uncorrelated assets to the portfolio.

Use PRISM's Gain/Loss Tracker application to monitor the performance and risk metrics of each portfolio on a regular basis.

How-to Guide

  1. Simulating Portfolio If needed, use the portfolio simulation feature to explore different asset allocations and rebalancing strategies. Adjust the weights of the current assets or add new, uncorrelated assets to the portfolio. Analyze the impact of these changes on the portfolio's risk metrics and performance indicators. Based on the insights gained from the performance and risk metrics, make informed decisions about adjusting your portfolio to better align with your investment objectives and risk tolerance.

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