Market Screener

Filter and sort digital assets based on various technical and fundamental criteria to identify potential investment opportunities. Create custom watchlists and monitor market trends with ease.

Application Overview

RADAR's Market Screener is a powerful tool designed to help users identify profitable trade ideas with lightning speed. By allowing users to apply a wide range of filters, such as price performance, technical indicators, on-chain statistics, sectors, sub-sectors, and sentiment from news, Twitter, and Reddit, the Market Screener application makes it easy to discover and capitalize on the most promising digital assets.

Application Features

| Price Performance Filters

Sort digital assets by their price performance over different timeframes, making it simple to identify assets that match your investment criteria. Track assets that are outperforming or underperforming the market to uncover potential opportunities.

| Technical Indicators Filters

Utilize various technical indicators like SMA, EMA, RSI, and MACD to pinpoint assets that align with your preferred trading strategies and technical analysis approach. Refine your search by focusing on assets exhibiting specific technical patterns or signals.

| On-chain Statistics Filters

Analyze on-chain data such as transaction volume and active addresses to identify digital assets with strong fundamentals and growing adoption. Gain insights into the real-world usage and performance of various digital assets.

| Sector and Sub-sector Filters

Focus your search on specific sectors and sub-sectors, allowing you to find opportunities within your areas of interest or expertise. Understand the performance of assets within particular industries or niches.

| News, Twitter, & Reddit Sentiment Filters

Leverage sentiment analysis from various sources, including news articles, Twitter, and Reddit, to uncover assets with positive or negative market sentiment. Stay informed about the latest developments and sentiment trends surrounding digital assets.

| Fundamental Data Filters

Further refine your search by filtering digital assets based on their fundamental characteristics, such as the type of mining algorithm, upcoming events, and geographical location. These filters help you uncover opportunities based on the underlying qualities and attributes of the digital assets.

Usage Examples

Find digital assets that are experiencing a positive price change and are trading above their SMA and EMA.

Identify potential opportunities within specific sectors or sub-sectors that are outperforming the broader market.

Discover digital assets with strong on-chain statistics, such as active addresses or transaction volume, that may indicate growing adoption.

Uncover hidden gems by filtering digital assets based on positive sentiment from news, Twitter, and Reddit.

How-to Guide

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