Platform Customization

Customize RADAR to display data only for selected exchanges, allowing users to generate trade ideas and monitor markets based on their preferred currency pool. Tailor your experience for optimal efficiency.

Application Overview

RADAR's Platform Customization capabilities empower users to tailor the application to display data exclusively for their preferred exchanges. This feature enables users to focus on the digital asset pool they can trade, ensuring that the trade ideas, market monitoring, and analysis are relevant to their specific needs.

Application Features

| Exchange-Specific Data

Display market data, trade ideas, and analysis only for the selected exchanges, providing users with more targeted and actionable insights.

| Customizable Interface

Easily configure the platform to display information relevant to the user's preferred exchanges, streamlining the research and decision-making process.

| Enhanced Focus

By narrowing down the scope of information to specific exchanges, users can concentrate on the most pertinent data and make more informed decisions.

| Personalized Experience

Tailor the RADAR platform to individual trading preferences and requirements, creating a seamless and intuitive user experience.

Usage Examples

A user who trades exclusively on Binance can customize RADAR to display data and insights only for assets listed on Binance, ensuring that generated trade ideas are applicable to their trading activities.

A user interested in monitoring digital asset markets across multiple preferred exchanges can configure RADAR to display data from those specific exchanges, providing a comprehensive view of the market landscape.

How-to Guide

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