Portfolio Managers


As a Portfolio Manager, finding the right digital assets for investment and managing the associated risks can be challenging. RADAR and PRISM, part of Uptick's suite of digital asset management tools, are designed to assist Portfolio Managers in making well-informed decisions, optimizing their portfolios, and managing risks effectively.

Use Cases

| Asset Selection

Portfolio Managers can leverage RADAR's comprehensive Currency Profile, Market Dashboard, and Market Screener tools to conduct thorough due diligence on potential investment opportunities, analyze market trends, and discover promising digital assets.

| Portfolio Construction

With PRISM's Portfolio Optimization and Construction features, Portfolio Managers can create efficient and well-diversified portfolios that meet their desired risk-return profiles, utilizing various optimization techniques such as maximizing Sharpe Ratio or minimizing CVaR.

| Risk Management

PRISM's risk management tools, including Factor Models, Scenario and Stress Testing, and VaR backtesting, allow Portfolio Managers to assess the impact of potential risks on their portfolio and develop strategies to mitigate them.

| Performance Monitoring

Portfolio Managers can use PRISM's Gain/Loss Tracker and Drawdown Calculation features to continuously monitor their portfolio's performance, comparing it against relevant benchmarks and making adjustments as needed.

| Market Analysis and Alerts

Staying informed is critical for Portfolio Managers. RADAR provides timely market analysis and alerts, including News, Twitter, and Reddit feeds, enabling Portfolio Managers to track relevant information, identify market trends, and make informed decisions.

| Investment Strategy Creation

PRISM enables Portfolio Managers to create tailored investment strategies based on multiple parameters, such as sector allocation, risk metrics, and returns. By combining these elements, Portfolio Managers can design an investment strategy that aligns with their clients' objectives and risk tolerance levels.


RADAR and PRISM offer an integrated solution for Portfolio Managers, streamlining the process of managing digital asset portfolios by providing comprehensive research, optimization, risk management, and investment strategy creation tools. By utilizing these tools, Portfolio Managers can effectively manage their portfolios, design tailored strategies that align with clients' objectives, and make well-informed decisions. This comprehensive approach ultimately leads to enhanced investment strategies and better outcomes for clients.

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