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Financial advisors play a crucial role in helping clients achieve their investment objectives while managing risk. Uptick's PRISM and RADAR solutions offer an extensive array of tools and insights designed to assist financial advisors in providing informed advice and recommendations, ensuring clients' portfolios are well-structured, diversified, and aligned with their financial goals.

Use Cases

| Client Portfolio Analysis

Utilize PRISM's suite of tools to conduct a comprehensive analysis of clients' portfolios, assessing risk exposure and evaluating the effectiveness of their current investment strategies, enabling financial advisors to provide tailored advice and guidance.

| Portfolio Optimization

Conduct scenario and stress tests to evaluate portfolio performance under Implement PRISM's portfolio optimization features to rebalance clients' portfolios, minimizing risk while maximizing returns, and ensuring that their investments are well-diversified and aligned with their risk tolerance and investment objectives.

| Investment Strategy Creation

Leverage PRISM's investment strategy creation functionality to develop customized strategies based on clients' specific objectives, risk preferences, and constraints, delivering personalized investment solutions.

| Market Research and Analysis

Use RADAR's suite of tools, including market dashboards, currency profiles, and market screener, to conduct thorough research on digital assets, assisting financial advisors in making informed investment recommendations to their clients.

| Sentiment Analysis and Events

Access RADAR's sentiment analysis and events tracking features to stay informed about market sentiment, upcoming events, and relevant news, ensuring financial advisors are well-equipped to provide timely advice and updates to their clients.

| Monitoring and Reporting

Monitor clients' portfolio performance, risk metrics, and other relevant data using PRISM and RADAR, providing clients with transparent and regular reports on their investments' progress.


Uptick's PRISM and RADAR solutions empower financial advisors with the tools and insights necessary to provide exceptional service and advice to their clients. By leveraging these advanced solutions, financial advisors can effectively manage risk, optimize portfolios, and guide clients toward achieving their financial objectives.

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