Exchange, Custodian & Wallet Integrations

Aggregate portfolio holdings from multiple exchanges, wallet providers, and blockchains for comprehensive portfolio and risk management. Connect with popular platforms for seamless data access.

Application Overview

PRISM's crypto exchange, custodian, and wallet integrations enable seamless connectivity and interoperability for real-time risk management and portfolio monitoring. This comprehensive integration facilitates efficient portfolio management, real-time data access, and streamlined transaction processing, allowing users to manage their digital assets holdings more effectively.

Application Features

Usage Examples

A user with multiple accounts on various crypto exchanges and wallets can leverage PRISM's Crypto Exchange, Wallet and Blockchain Integration to consolidate their holdings and transactions in one place. This unified view of their entire crypto portfolio helps the user better understand their exposure to specific assets and track overall performance. Additionally, the user can monitor asset transfers securely and efficiently across different platforms, enhancing their overall portfolio and risk management experience.

How-to Guide

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