Market Alerts

Receive real-time alerts on web, desktop, and mobile for changes in technical, fundamental, and social media activity. Stay informed on price movements, social sentiment, and technical breakouts to capitalize on opportunities.

Application Overview

The Market Alerts application keeps users informed and ahead of the curve by delivering timely and actionable alerts on web, desktop/Mac, and mobile platforms, covering changes in technical, fundamental, and social media activity related to digital assets. This comprehensive and responsive alert system enables proactive risk management and timely decision-making, allowing users to quickly adjust their positions or strategies to maximize returns and minimize potential losses. By providing real-time notifications about market developments, the application empowers users to navigate the dynamic digital asset landscape with greater confidence and effectiveness.

Application Features

Usage Examples

Identify which sectors and sub-sectors are outperforming the market, enabling you to focus on high-performing areas within the digital asset space.

Determine how many currencies in the top 10 market cap are overbought, providing insights into possible market corrections or reversals.

Stay informed about portfolio-relevant news articles or technical alerts, ensuring you're always aware of factors that could impact your investments.

Monitor your portfolio performance and risk metrics, empowering you to optimize your investment strategies and effectively manage risk.

Discover currencies trading above their SMA 20 and EMA 16, potentially indicating a strong market trend and an opportunity for investment.

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